14 Things You Think Causes Heart Disease But Don’t

In recent times, there has been so much press on the causes of heart disease, and prevention. This is great because the more awareness created on the subject, the more lives can be saved. There is a need for constant orientation when it comes to the issues revolving around heart and stroke as well as cardiovascular disease.

While more exposure has been given to the causes of heart disease, very few articles and reports exist on the myths surrounding the causes of heart disease. A cardiovascular disease like a heart attack is not something to play around. There are certain misconceptions about the causes of heart disease, and we are here to find out what exactly they are.


Lots of people have the opinion that fat is one of the major causes of heart disease, but that is a myth. Not all fats are bad fats. There are good fats, and there are bad fats known as trans-fats. While good fats are found in olive oil, and avocado, the not so good fats are found in meat and full-fat. Trans fat (which are considered the bad fats) can be found in processed foods. You can consume the good fats without the fear of heart disease or any other issue, it is the bad fat that you should not consume.

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It is the hope that one day men will look back and see that marriage does not cause heart disease. There is no denying it that marriage can subject a person to new levels of demands, and responsibilities. There are lots of things a quality marriage is, however being a cause of heart attack or heart problems isn’t one of those things.



When it comes to eggs, one of the common questions asked is ‘does cholesterol cause heart disease?’ While the answer to that question is yes, eggs don’t in fact cause heart disease. Chinese researchers found out that taking whole eggs daily may help fend off heart diseases. The study found out those people who consumed whole eggs daily had lower risks for heart and stroke. While high levels of cholesterol can indeed lead to heart disease, its effect varies from people to people.

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Lifestyle Habits

Does cholesterol cause heart disease? Does smoking cause heart attack? These are some of the questions lots of people ask themselves when it comes to how their lifestyle affects their chances of getting a heart disease. Most studies suggest that only a few lifestyle traits affect can influence your susceptibility to heart diseases.

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Forget what the movies portray, heart attack and stroke rarely occur during sexual intercourse. It is a common myth that sexual activity can lead to heart disease; however, experts are quick to debunk this. On the other hand, if you have any heart condition, speak to your doctor to know whether or not you can engage in sexual activity.

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Red Meat

This is not an endorsement for red meat; however a new study has shown that lean and unprocessed red meat taken in combination with a Mediterranean style diet be of tremendous advantage to one’s heart health. The conclusion from this particular study is that red meat can be a part of the healthy meal. The key takeaway from this is that incorporating your red meat (lean and unprocessed red meat) into a Mediterranean style diet can be of tremendous benefit to you rather than the other way around.

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Older Age

As you age, you become more susceptible to heart attack and other diseases. However, this doesn’t mean only older people are affected. As long as you are an adult, you are at risk of contracting a heart disease most especially if you are obese or diabetic.

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Your Weight

Obesity is one of the major causes of heart disease. However, that doesn’t tell the whole story. When it comes to obesity and heart and stroke, super lean people are more susceptible to heart disease than people who are obese. The reason for this is something known as the obesity paradox. The theory states that people with fat around heir organs have a higher chance of having a heart disease than people who have fat around their limbs and hips. In other words, you might be obese and not have fat around your organs, and at the same time, a lean person might have lots of fats around their organs.

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The Salt Shaker

For a long time, the salt shaker has been earmarked as one of the leading causes of heart diseases and other cardiovascular diseases. But the salt shaker has been wrongful accused. We consume more salt from processed and unprocessed food rather than from table salt. It is recommended that adults take between 1500mg to 2300mg (or less) of salt daily.

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Testosterone Replacement Surgery

As men age, their sex drive reduces. To tackle these problems, lots of men take testosterone supplements in a bid to increase their sex hormone testosterone. However, there have been reports of the impending danger of taking testosterone supplements, most especially when it relates to heart disease.
But recently, new studies have shown that testosterone can improve heart health among ageing men. When used by the right person in the correct dose, it can be of great assistance. It is the hope that one day men will come to see the benefits of testosterone.

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Being a Guy

Heart disease is not subject to gender or race. It doesn’t discriminate and it is one of the leading causes of death among women and men over the age of 50.

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Seafood Phobia

Consuming food rich in omega-3’s can be extremely helpful to your heart health. Experts recommend that you eat fatty fish like salmon or mackerel at least twice a week. If you are not a fan of fish, you can try other products rich in omega-3

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Exercise is usually a good thing, and people are often advised to engage in them. However, people with a history of heart disease are usually apprehensive towards exercise. There is nothing to be fearful about exercises. You can speak with your doctor to know what is and isn’t right for your body. A moderate-intensity activity weekly will do you a whole lot of good.

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Currently, there are arguments for and against alcohol when it comes to heart health and heart diseases. First things first, excessive consumption of alcohol can increase your blood pressure, as well as increase your risk levels of heart disease. However, moderate alcohol consumption can improve your heart health. Studies show that red wine has a positive effect on your heart health.

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