Merits of Protective Styling for Natural Hair

Protective styling has often caused a divide amongst several people. Some folks are all in support of protective styles and use it a lot because of the versatility it provides, while others are indifferent about it and find it dull.

Whether you love it or hate it, protect styles are well known to be beneficial most especially in the cold seasons as they provide an effective way to ensure the healthiness of your hair

Protective styling offers a low maintenance way to preserve your hair from tearing. Because of the versatility of protective styles, you don’t need to add any extra hair to get your preferred style. The essential part of protective style is the preservation of the ends, protecting the hair from adverse weather and environmental elements that may cause a tear and wear to your hair, and also, to reduce the rate of manipulation of your hair.

Some of the benefits of protective styling include;

1) Low maintenance

Protective styles offer an easy but yet effective way to reduce the rate of manipulation of your hair. Most hair types, texture, and density are different, and depending on which hair you have, excessive manipulation may lead to tearing and breakage. As such, a protective styling gives your hair a period of relaxation

2) Maintain length

Protection from harsh weather and environmental elements, as well as protection from hair manipulation,  are what protective styles offer, ensuring you maintain the ends. What this means is that your hair is exposed to less breakage and as such, you get to keep your hair length.

3) Moisture Retention

Using a protective style means your hair is able to retain moisture much better. Before you put your hair into protective styling, it is essential you cleanse and condition your hair first. If your hair is cleansed correctly, it means the conditioner can penetrate your hair strands easily. The moisturizer paves the way for the protective styling process and depending on the type of moisturizer used; it will assist in sealing moisture from the cleansing and conditioning.

You should remember these two important points when your protective styling involves the use of extensions

1) Speak up if you feel the tension caused by the extension is too much on your hair. Remember a protective style is supposed to protect your hair and not ruin it.

2) Ensure that the protective style you go for is one that matches your hair texture. Make sure you speak to your stylist and as which styles would be beneficial to your hair texture and type.

When it comes to protective styles, the secret is in the name. It protects your hair and offers lots of other benefits.